27 April journal

Good morning everyone, it’s Wednesday. We had softball practice last night. So I’m tired as I got to bed late. But the soreness that was prominent yesterday isn’t as bad today which is great.
Today I am wearing a different style bra. The underwire is removed, but it’s more dainty and prominent under a t-shirt. The temps are going up during the day and with my work shirt on its to darn hot for a sports bra. This one actually fits my current natural breasts which is a “36B”. But it does make them a bit more noticeable wear a bra. Not to worried about it. Just saying is all. I’ve been wearing a bra of some kind every day for 9-10 months. So it’s not a new feeling at all. I’ve got a couple others that are way bigger in cup size for the forms I use. However I don’t wish to be that bold just yet. Though every where else but work I’m all fem in appearance. I don’t even leave the house anymore with out some kind of make up on and my hair done. Depends on what I’m doing. If it’s shopping or going out with friends is a bit more more than if I’m going to the ball field or to fix something around the house. Yes I have my days that I don’t come out and don’t shave. Except for work.
Speaking of work, I better find something to do for the day. Since I have no parts and been cleaning the place up here, I’ve about worked myself out of a job. At least for now.

Well things got a bit wierd at work. I failed to post this.
Any who…… Here ya go :+)

Love Candi

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