Be careful

This day and age we all use some kind of Internet media to speak our minds and such. The most popular is that fb stuff. It’s wise to be careful what our how you post what you need to say there or here on WP, or any other site.
I am home sickly today. Some kind of stomach issues. I slept another three hours after getting back home. Anyway, I was  thumbing through the fb thing and a person in our support group had an issue that involved possibly going to the psyc ward via police escort. This was due to a post made sometime ago about her  feelings. Someone had took this as a suicidal post, and I guess they called the police. This turned into a confrontation with an officer. Luckily she got out of being taken in. I know she did nothing wrong. Had to describe the situation and deal with a host of transgender issues from an uninformed person. This all because of what was written.
If someone did that to me I’m sure I’d wind up in the farm. Especially if had they on read this or the other blog for any amount of time. Just be careful folks. That’s all this post is about. With all the stuff in the news these days about us trans folks being some kind of “demonic witch” of old. The witch hunts are on and we all need to be aware of things yet be ourselves.

Take care all

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