25 April journal

Good Monday morning people. It’s not a day I want to relish in. After yesterday’s day of softball. I’m sore, I’m tired, and just have no drive to do anything right now. Matter of fact, I’d just as soon stay home today. But that’s not going to happen. Though I may get sick at work. I don’t feel too well anyway so I’m going to do go in get my time put in and come home.
The soft ball thing was fun. Right field is rather boring. I’m glad I was there as  I’m out of shape. Only maybe two balls came my way or close to my way. One was missed by another fielder and I got it from the fence. Since I’ve got the arm of a giraffe, I threw it back from the fence almost to the pitcher mound. Our team has not really all played together before. We mostly a rag tag team that was thrown together last minute. So I think the coach may move me. As the other fielders have to run about half way back to the infield before throwing the ball. I noticed they cannot throw the ball that far. But it takes practice. And I’ve not played ball since elementary school. So I guess I did pretty well.
In other news on the transition front. Mistress had taken to calling and introducing me as Candi. She has been working hard to use feminine pronouns and such. It’s tough I know too call a person something different after all the years we’ve h had with me in Homer mode. But she is being a real trooper. She’s great and loving and gosh I hope she sticks by me forever. Sometimes she uses non-gender specific words such as “this one”. That’s OK to. I do try to coach her privately in using feminine words. I try, though not always happening, to not say anything in public to her. It’s not proper to do that. She’s not a child, though sometimes I wonder with her giddiness at times lol. But I can’t speak to much on that as I act like at too at times.
Well I’m back home and need to get sleep and start feeling better.

Love Candi

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