24 April journal

Good Sunday morning everyone. Gosh it’s almost a weekend ending. The rush and bustle of yesterday, coupled with an eventful night, I’m still tired and wondering where the weekend went. There birds are chirping and woke me up and along with a constant tune of singing about that “scurvy Prince John” who’s crown falls from his lofty brow. “The phony King of England”. That song is a cute little ditty from the animated movie ” Robin Hood” that was put out by Disney many years ago. The fellow that wrote and sang most of the songs, Roger Miller, is a favorite artist of mine with lots of songs written and performed. He was also the voice for the rooster in that movie. Anyway that song I kept waking up to. Now I’ve another in my head. Those songs were very catchy to me and I guess still are.
Well yesterday, we were to go shopping. We finally managed it, after a visit to the CDC. On our way we picked up our friend, was stopped to get fuel when the phone rang. It was the CDC. They informed my wife that she had been exposed to measles. Which meant our friend had been exposed as well. She took my wife to the ER rather in the week. And apparently the er did not contain a measles a case. Welcome to Memphis, people don’t care and they move like pond water. So they had to get a booster measles vaccination. All because some folks can’t get their kids vaccinated. I know it’s free for those who cannot afford it.
Finally we ate, which was before the cdc visit. I was starving so we are first. The waitress, taking the orders was doing her thing with wife and friend while I looked at the menu. Then she asked “what may I get for you Ma’am?” I half ignored her as I assumed she was speaking to my wife. She was speaking to me. Wow, holy fall out of the chair batgirl! I ordered in the most fem voice I could muster up. She was nice as could be. What a booster shot I got and needed. Then later at the sports store looking for softball cleats. A lady came up to us to help. When my wife asked about sizes, she said she had the issues. Bring she wears an 11.5 American shoe she had trouble finding as well, any shoes. She to called me ma’am. But occasionally slipped calling me sir. However she apologized quickly and call me ma’am. I reassured her not to worry, it happens. She being an older person than my self, I can guess how she could be off in the addressing of such a person as myself. She was a real trooper. I was not in the least bit offended by her.
Our friend went with me to the bar last night. This bar we all go to regularly. We hadn’t been in some time. So we went and sat in the back to play darts. Just doing our own thing. This place is rather small and lovely unless it’s crowded. So we were about to move to see the drag show when, omg a female coworker, that used to be under me, walked in. She is still with the company. I sat back down, and turned away. Trying to decide what to do. So as my heart stopped started and raced up and down, I pondered all the different things I could. Stay put, leave, talk to her, wait for her to go to the restroom, text her and see what she’s up to, and a host of other things. The decision to leave was easy, but the act is tough. My hieght is a dead giveaway to me. Especially when you work close with someone for six months. Well finally, we got a small break in a distraction and made our way out. I didn’t speak to her but was only 5feet from her at one point in our escape. Back into the car I could finally breath. Still I have this thought I need to discuss this with the said coworker. Just not sure if I should or not. Nor how to go about it. But the going about it is easier than the decision.
So that was the day in a nut shell. Today we are doing a softball thing. I’m not sure how that will go. I never really been one to play sports. I don’t even watch it on TV. Aside from the rodeo, this chick cooks, cleans, does yard work, guess camping, fishing, and that kind of thing. Sports stuff I found is expensive. Pinching pennies and buying sports stuff is not a good combo. That’s today’s plan. So I need to get moving. Hope y’all all have a good day.

Love Candi

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  1. Haha i’m surprised you didn’t need electroshock after that!

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    1. candicejune says:

      No. I’ve been in stickier situations. Like burning buildings. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

    2. candicejune says:

      Even a jar of honey lol

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