Learning of myself

As the week out of town closes and we begin traveling home, I reflect on my self and how this all affected me in my personal life. The issues of transitioning aren’t as tough to me now as I thought before the conference started. Yes there are hurdles, it will have its days. Yet, stay positive stay focused and reach the goal. I can honestly say I’m more ready now than I was in my transition.
I’ve seen that my old life has just been a going through the motions thing. Yes the accomplishments will always be there. The person that I am should always be there in heart even if the outside changes.
Liking myself is paramount on the ahead path. That is something I’ve always sucked at. But I’m sure learning to like myself. Especially when I’m in clothes and pretty. I’m fantastic when I see myself. I also mentioned what I’m seeing now in reflections. That’s without HRT. I even saw it last week when we went to the support group meeting. We walked passed a store and one of the windows reflected back, I wasn’t paying alot of attention, but saw two women walking. I took a look and it was me and my wife. I thought it was cool to see that.
So I was texting wifey, and she said she told her boss. I wasn’t ready for that but apparently she is. She said it went really good. Hope that wasn’t a front. In that I’m not really worried about my company, more so the individuals in the local that may have a real issue with it. In passing conversations that I was not part of, there is issues with it from a few people that I deal with on a daily basis. So I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay with the company or not. Maintenance side of stuff tends to be rather closed minded at times. None the less, I’m moving forward.
Discouragement, this one thing can happen at anytime. For any number of reasons a person can get this way. It’s up to us to keep our own dreams skive and move forward. We gotta stay happy within ourselves and not let others drag us down. It’s so easy to pull people down, it’s tougher to pull them up. Even if they want to be pulled up is tough. But now and then a kind word or phrase can be the catalyst to propel someone forward in their endeavors. A simple speach or class that touches what they needed and they give that courage to move forward with the goal they had.
Anyway don’t give up, you can do it. Other people don’t really matter. The only thing that matters is you. How you feel inside and being right with yourself is all that matters.
That’s about it folks. Believe in yourself. Love yourself. Be you!

Love Candi

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  1. “The person that I am should always be there in heart even if the outside changes.” That is so true and a point I’m making to someone I’m seeing now. A ‘you liked me before finding out… I’m the exact same person.’ Stay strong darling, you’re on a wonderful path.

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    1. candicejune says:

      Thank you, I am. And as much as didn’t want to be at that conference, I find some knowledge and inspiration I needed. Hits you like a freight train lol.

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  2. SeekingClarity says:

    I love the imagery of you and her walking past the window and your immediate reflection – that’s how you know you’re starting to be happy with yourself. Somedays are going to be easier than others and yes there may always be a few ppl who don’t or won’t accept this change – but those are the ppl that you don’t need in your life anyway. Sounds like you have a wonderful support in your spouse too and that goes a long way!

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    1. candicejune says:

      Thanks you are correct. But no matter what our how anyone is, there are folks that don’t like you, what you do and so on. So it’s really no different than being cisgender.

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      1. SeekingClarity says:

        Very valid and true statement


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