18 April journal

Good morning everyone, hello from Chicago land. So I am watching the local news and it’s not quite what I was expecting. It’s not full of morbid deaths and destruction like where we live. It’s actually better. Maybe I’m just not watching the right station. From the air during landing Chicago looks like a giant warehouse district.
I am one of a few hourly employees on this trip and no one send to know when I should be on and off the clock. It’s OK if I take out for lunch and dinner I still end up with 42.1 hours on Thursday before the travel home. Then we have to work normal hours at home on Friday. The room sharing became a null and void issue. One of my local co-workers called Corp and said he only sheriff’s with his wife. He refused to share a room. So they made changes we are all separate now. I sure wished I’d been told. I would have packed a few extras and felt naked and exposed.
Our days are full up from 6am til 10 PM. I’m going to be s crabby bitch without my beauty sleep lol. I’m not even going to have time for chatting with Mistress. Yuck.
Oh, speaking of Mistress. She came out about me to her sister yesterday over the phone. Turned out much better than she expected. Mistress feels a great deal better and has support from her sister. That’s the greatest news to me, because she really needs that support from her. That’s been one of my greatest searches on all this is support for her. Since then she had really been working hard to call me Candi, she and her. Even calling me her wife. It’s been kinda cool and I’m mixed a touch on this. But I feel good otherwise.
The first class of this conference dealt with change. Something I’m all to familiar with as I’m changing. I found it inspiring and gave me done ways to help others deal with my changes. Maybe even others deal with their own changes. Time lines and such is something Mistress and I need to sit and work out. We need to sit and deal with the up coming changes in a better manner in which gives us both some information on it to each other.
Anyhow my lunch is nearly over at least I didn’t have to pay for it. And I need to get to the next class or workshop. Maybe I’ll have time to post more later. But for now have a great day.

Love Candi

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  1. That’s wonderful news about Mistress and her sister. Fantastic.

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    1. candicejune says:

      It is isn’t it? I’m happy 🙂 yay

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