17 April journal

Good morning everyone, travel day for me, yuck!
So yesterday I was thinking, well I been thinking since my therapist session on Wednesday. We talked about coming out to my folks. I went into all the issues we have. Mostly that I feel and have felt alienated by them and my siblings. In all the thinking I remembered a couple other sore spots in my history with my folks. All of it inter ties together in some form to my trans issues. Even though I may or may not have realized them at the time. So I’m going to write a letter to my parents. I have not decided whether or not to write two letters or one. One for the coming out and another to address the other issues that have bugged me in recent years, but always was there even before.
The trans issues, I think they are aware. I’ve justified someway or another my shaved legs and other areas to them for course to thirty years. (Gosh has it been that long, wow). Anyway in still working on how to do the letter(s).
Mistress has been in a funk. We spent the evening watching the “Back to the future” movies. Not sure what is eating on her but I know something is. It could be that I’m not going to be here for a week.
So I’m sitting here with her drinking coffee. Packing is done and I’m all but ready to leave. The sun is shining love is strong. Ain’t it grand?
I’ve ran out of things to talk about. I’ll just go be with Mistress for a bit. I’ve a couple things to do. So must be going for now.
Have A wonderful Sunday every one!

Love Candi

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