Today’s outing

Today we went to the spring carnival on a town on the other side of the county. It was something bright to me early yesterday as I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Though I had reservations about going enfem. Being the mid-south USA you never know what may happen. Anyway I made my decision, based on a few words from my wife. That being basically I have to own it. Meaning, at least how I took it, I have I have to own myself and be me, period. No more wishy washy crap. So that’s what I did. Nothing fancy to stand out but fem all the way. No problems at all. Not a word said about me. None, maybe a couple looks but no bad gestures that I saw or heard about. We did the vendor part interacted with people and all was good. I couldn’t believe it. Actually, I should believe it. I’ve been all over this county enfem, nothing but some bad service at the pancake place we all know. Other wise I’ve not had any bad experiences otherwise. Just like our shopping trip last week. Only one person who laughed.
I’m finding that there is a line that can be had on the amount of make-up to be worn and how many looks you get on the negative. To much and your not right and to little well you’ll be clocked in a glance. I’m talking daytime here. More at night is good, it’s expected.
Here’s how I went out today.


Live Candi
So where I’m at, it’s not as bad as I keep building up as. Pretty good really I can’t complain. Though I’ve done my fair share of that. I’m going to own it from now on. I can’t let that little monster of fear keep me hiding.

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