Sunday feminine

Yup it’s Sunday lol. The wind blowing like a Texas wind storm here. To bad I am not in Texas. But it feels like home.
I had to decide what to today. Go out in fem or just go out sorta fem. Well I showered, and in the shower decided. So I get femmed up light make up with s foundation and do a light job on the eyes with some pink shadow. Jeans, shirt, and wedge slip on shoes. Nothing fancy. Out we went to the thrift store and the grocery. The thrift store as usual was full of stuff and not much my size. No bad looks or remarks. The grocery wasn’t too bad either. One guy was laughing at me. But hey, he had panty hose on his head. They call it a dew rag, but panty hose none the less. We did our shopping and a fellow came up being for money in the store. I think, actually pretty sure he thought I was a girl. I said can’t help you sir and moved on about my shipping. Sugarfoot in another part of the store. So I was worried about my well being for a minute. But all was cool. I made it through the shopping with no issues. I feel really good that wife and I went shopping. Alone and together, with no one else to be with us. I thought it was the greatest thing in the world at that time.
That is about it for our lazy Sunday.
Here’s a pic of my shoes. Though I did have on pants rather than shorts earlier



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  1. Cinn says:

    Be careful… I worry about my sisters well-being all the time. The world is changing… But not everyone is changing with it.

    Much love to you both

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    1. candicejune says:

      Thanks, I’ve watching and worried as well.

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