10 April journal

Well folks it’s Sunday. Wasting away today.
Yesterday, we got on the bike and traveled around. Seeing Buford Pusser museum and part of the Shiloh national battlefield. Being southern we stopped at the only monument erected for the Confederate differ of that awful battle. Erected in 1917 it’s huge compared to much I’ve ever seen. I’ll post picks on a picks page soon.
Yesterday was also about getting out of this crap city for a bit and reflection. Our decisions are for the better and we’ve decided to move on with our lives.  Certain things in our lives lead to stress and a health condition for my wife. Certain minor health issues for me. We will get better. And this stuff just isn’t going to get us down or break us.
I’m not sure what we are doing today. I know we need some things from the local grocery. And speaking of grocery, we saw a Piggly Wiggly yesterday. I haven’t seen one in years. I don’t know what ever happened Winn Dixie. But we do need to get a few things for the week.
The trans issues have just gone to far. It’s going to be a bad time for us if we let it. I’m very glad that many people with influence are boycotting those states. Such as other states, entertainers and some but only a few politicians. Tax dollars will speak loudly when the revenue drops. Cancelled concerts, speeches and other things will speak a great deal also. But there is lots that can be researched on all this. You can form your own opinion. Due those reading this that don’t understand us trans folks. We aren’t pedifiles, we have an issue that we didn’t ask for and don’t wish on others. As we fit our bodies and clothes to our brains and soul we feel threatened. We’ve felt wrong and threatened all our lives. We feel so comfortable in ourselves when we aren’t hiding from others and ourselves. There is no way we actually chose these feelings. Many of us have tried with great pain to hide and be how we were born. We’ve tried to be comfortable with ourselves. All this does, at least for me, was create anger, resentment, arguments, Loss of marriages and friends and even family. All because we became reclusive in our thoughts and feelings. Suicide becomes a way out for the pain we have. I’ve been close to that before and it’s not fun not a game. We choose to transition not because it’s a hobby, it’s who we are deep down. It’s who we are and needs out. You cannot judge us, we cannot judge you. All we want to do is be ourselves and free. At a minimum tolerated, so we can go to the restroom, dinner or shopping in peace. I know oncei get through some of this transition, go full-time female, I’ll be so much happier.
I hope done of this post helps others understand what we go through. Some persons go through so much to get where they need to be only to end in suicide. We don’t need that. Everyone is important in some way. If you do have an issue with us trans or any lgbtiq people, you should ask the great spirit why we are here or were created. If we knew we surely works tell you.
With all that’s affecting my life it’s been tough to find much positivity to write about. But I’m sure trying to find it. I need to focus on the positive things more and move forward. This negative stuff is holding me and the wife back. Anyway we are off to get our day started. Though it will be much of nothing.
How you all have a good day and we’ll see you later.


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  1. I had so much fun ty for an awsome day

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    1. candicejune says:

      You’re welcome my dear wife! You’re so special 🙂

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  2. I enjoyed my time living in Virginia. I was my dead self there and for a while had horses. I had a blast riding through Civil War sites trying to imagine the battles that took place: Gettyburg, Spotsylvania County, Fredericksburg. I wanted to join a reenactment group but I could never get my best horse, a quarterhorse, used to gunfire. We had some very sporty times while shooting my Glock while on his back. Haha. Lucky I survived! Gave up the idea.

    As to the current climate… has there ever been a transgender person who actually went into a public bathroom and did anything other than pee? I don’t think so or it would have been headline news for weeks! No, we just want to pee. Give us a break!

    I just reposted a blog post from The Queerness about the great things going on worldwide with the LGBTQ community. Not so much in America. If I was younger I’d just move to another country, I swear to god.

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    1. candicejune says:

      Amen, on looking at civil war battle fields, I can not imagine the thickets. Training in fort benning Georgia I had to dig fox holes in some thick under brush and the roots. Being from the edge of the desert, I’d never seen trees that big before. Rocks yes but never trees.
      Anyway, I’m planning on focusing on the positive of my life from now on. This other stuff is not healthy for me or the readers. I’ll read your reblog after our grocery trip.


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