9 April journal

Saturday laziness today every one. Because I can, I want to. There has been so much drama lately and I’m so glad it’s Saturday.
Earlier this week we got a phone call from my daughter. She was mad as hell about some stuff. My ex, her mother, was just given a what for by my son and his girlfriend. Something along the lines of being a bad parent and some other stuff of degrading matter. This all said after my ex had spent considerable amount of money to help them with vehicle repairs, and carry him and her to and from work and or school while those repairs were being made. Basically it seems he doesn’t care. He and I had an issue that resulted in some hurt feelings several years ago. I’ve attempted to make amends when I’ve seen him. But I have not, but once, seen him. And at that time he was belligerent and rude towards me, and my wife who raised him. I don’t know what happened or where I went wrong. Not even sure I did. All this trouble started with him meeting this girl in high school.
Anyway, I know for a fact I’ve taught him much better to be respectful of his mother. He can hate me, though it hurts, I know he’ll be OK. But to treat his mother wrong, I wonder how he’ll treat his girlfriend. I am worried about him and his actions. I know he’s been doing school to have a good career. I hope it all works out. I know at some point, as all boys will do, he’ll eventually see what he’s done and call. Hopefully his pride isn’t so big that this never happens.
In other news from Candi land, I think we’re going on a motor bike ride today. We need to get out of town for a little bit. This place stinks in more ways than one. And we need some fresh air and sunshine. It’ll do us both good.
So now I’m off to get ready to head out. Who knows what we’ll discover today.
Love from Candi

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