8 April journal

Well folks, f or those just following me. You may find similarities in this blog and my last. Domina Jen was an old follower and was some how quick to find me a new. How funny, she’s a sweet heart. Have me some wonderful advise on a recent run in with an idiot.
Anyway, this blog was started to end the internal confusion of male and female me. The female I’ve repressed, I have decided to have nearly full control. But was she always in control? Who knows but the shadows. Now with done other issues I’ve had a hard time stating what i need truthfully without being taken wrong with what I’ve said, or judged. So this blog gets going, losing my achievements of the last one. However, those achievements mean nothing compared to the coming out and happiness that has brought is much greater and better than the WordPress achievements could ever be.
We’ve had lots of up and downs in the last five months. The town we live in just sucks. And as soon as I hear about some information on a certain thing then we are getting the fuck out of here. If things go right, a beach and job and less stress. Go Candi!
Last night I actually got some sleep. Maybe due to decisions made to leave this forsaken place. My wife has cheered up and things are looking bright. I noticed that my back isn’t hurting either.
I spent quite a bit of time yesterday evening getting all my follows in line. Copying from my old blog to the new the blogs that I was following. Which is making this post long as I try to fill the gaps and whys of this one. Do I need to do that? Probably not, but I’m doing it anyway.
Thank God it’s Friday people, I’m hoping for a good day myself. With all the crap going on in the workplace I’m a bit worried about what’s going to happen next fur all the employees. And that stress had really affected the two of us. Things were OK until mid January early February time frame. That’s when a new regional person came in and the cuts started. Creating a “writing” on the wall that unmistakably says closing. Hence the reason for the stress and decisions made mentioned earlier.
Lastly, I wonder and have to research the trans community in the place we are going. Provided it’s going to actually happen. Surely from what I understand, it’s better than here. I can finish my transition and hopefully not worry too much.
With this I’ve got to get ready and go to work. Having a great day is the wish from Candi land to every one! 🙂


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  1. Great news on all your decisions, darlin’. Let me give you a small word of advice. I left Washington DC because of events. I was scared and feared for my life. So I moved to a small town in the South. I just wanted to hide out… hold up. I did NOT research the trans community ahead of time. Ohmigod. I’m it. I am the community. I had to drive five hours to get to a doctor that would treat me. And now that he died, his replacement is also a five hour drive, just in a different direction. Had I done research ahead of time I would have found a different town just as secluded but within a distance to find other trans to be with, and proper medical care. My GP won’t even track my lab work.

    So yes, research well, my friend. It will pay off for you.

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    1. candicejune says:

      Yes, Tampa had plenty of stuff for us in that regard. Thanks for the advise.


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