7 April

Good day every one. If you’ve read my about me section you kinda have an idea what’s going on here. I’ve transitioned away from my old blog and am beginning a new one. This to reflect the new changes in my life. Hopefully to the better.
Last June, 2015 I came out to my wonderful wife. Who almost lost her mind. But we’ve come to terms with all this together. Yes I’m a decrypt trans person. Hate me, I don’t care, because, I fought in the military for you to have that right. And I’ll fight again for my self because I earned it.
I earned lots of badges, including depression, anxiety, hate, lost loves, lost friends, lost everything. Though I’m early on in the true transition as people know it, I’ve dealt with it for a long time since my child hood and now I’m in my forties. I’ve done every thing trying to prove to myself i am who I am not.
So now I don’t care to hide that. Ive grown tired of my internal pain and hiding. I’ve got a long ways before coming out in a couple aspects of my life, work, parents, siblings and my own kids. Except for work the rest never come to see our even call me. So it’s not that big of an issue.
If you want to know about my previous blog fit more info on the pains up to today then feel free to email me. I might give you that info.
So, on with the show of love, life, transition, and whatever else may come to be. I do appreciate what followers I may gain. I hope to help others who find this blog gain confidence to be themselves. Be it they are any part of the LGBT community.


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