5 April journal

It’s tuesday people. That dreaded old Monday is now in the past. I’ve been serious lately and this post isn’t going to be any different. Yeah I sure need some sleep. But that isn’t going to change this post.
This world is full of ups and downs. I’ve had my share of downs. I’ve finally found my reason of a life time of downs. And finally I’m doing something about it. But stress, depression, despairingly seeking can lead to a number of things like sleep all the time. Irritability, moodiness and what ever else I don’t know about. The key is finding that cause and fixing it. Not just treating the symptom. Once the cause cause is cured, the symptoms go away. Sometimes such as my case, you have to embrace the cause. Make it yours and not you it. Many times the world will, I’d wet let it, destroy us. We have to move away from that. Once I used to listen to the news and talk shows on the radio. All I did was get pissed off. More and more every day. Until I finally broke down. With that I had to decide what I was being so down. Not just on me but the world and everything in my piece of it. One I realized all I was doing was getting mad at the happenings of the world I decided to not be party of the news aside from the weather. Now days I keep up just enough to know what’s going on. But no details. Local news well that’s out the door here. It’s so morbid and depressing anyone would kill themselves from one sitting.
So we have to find our happiness. Keep that in the fore front and not let the other stuff get us down. We have to be the good of the web of life. The part that holds strong and happy. Not catching the bad. If we continue holding on to the bad, our web will break and we will fall. We only need enough for balance. A web doesn’t catch every Gail force that comes along. It passes through. If it was designed differently yes it would fail. But the winds pass through leaving behind the good stuff for survival.
My own personal web has been broken many times. My own fault for building a web that captures everything. Now days there web I weave is strong. But only so enough of it the capture what is needed. That being myself, my wife, a strict select few friends, and the love that is needed for all of that. It doesn’t take much of a web for that. The rest just isn’t worth the trouble.
So when you start getting down, it may be needed to examine your own web. Are there to many strands holding on to everything? If so, maybe it’s time to decide what it is you really need in that web. Because you can get over whelmed easily building a web. I’ve been there, I know how it feels.
Lastly, this you should remember in your web of life. What you do to the web you do to yourself. Not only that but you do it to others in your web too.
I hope you all have a great day. I know it’s going to be great for me too. Especially quitting time, yay!

Kisses Hugs & Love

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