Worthless poopoo

Yes folks I said it. I’m under the weather and I’m a liar. Just a worthless piece of crap. I can’t keep things straight. Don’t work hard enough, treat people the way I’ve been told. I’m prejudice, and hate people. But yet I hate everyone including myself. So while I’m nursing a cold I have, I am dealing with some other issues too. Work issues of not helping an idiot then being called racist for not doing so. So I’m not feeling very worthy of anything. This goes in to forcing my wife to deal with my trans issues and only thinking of myself. Maybe it’s just time due this worthless poo poo to go away. Walk away from everyone and start over someplace else.
Maybe I’ll feel better later. Some sleep to get this cold to ease up might help. Off I go to take some meds that will probably screw up my mind more than it is.

Kisses Hugs & Love

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  1. i’m here and although i can’t relate, i often feel lost and unworthy. (i guess being abandoned will make you feel that way…)
    Don’t give up! Get some sleep, dream something super cool, and just be you!

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    1. Candi June says:

      Thank you. Sorry I’ve not gotten to this yet.


  2. Hang in there sweetie.


  3. missaisuhi says:

    You are never worthless in my eyes. You are my world!!!! I love you baby


  4. Domina Jen says:

    You’re absolutely not worthless! Get some sleep, and don’t let idiots at work make you feel bad about yourself. The first time someone used the “racist” thing with me, I was devastated and had no idea how to handle it.

    My fiancé at the time, a black man whose parents immigrated from Jamaica, told me that the only people who play the race card are the ones who subconsciously feel inferior to whoever they’re playing that card with. They’re intimidated, they feel like they can’t compete with you, and they know that’s always going to hit you hard, and completely derail your focus. They know you’re not going to be able to come back with anything.

    Ever since he told me that, it’s been easier dealing with that sort of thing.

    I hope you feel better soon!

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    1. Candi June says:

      Thanks sweety. What you say is absolutely true. The idiot got the name “idiot” just as you mentioned. The person was hires to do a job and I’ve ended up doing it because that person brings me their work mostly because, in watching the progression of getting the job done, the person cannot do it. So all the problems they have is blamed on others or sent to others. I frankly got tired of doing it. I have plenty to do without doing that person’s job as well.
      I do appreciate your reply. It really hit home and put things into perspective. 🙂

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