2 April journal

Well folks it’s Saturday. I think it’s colder now than winter was. And then add on the pollen, runny nose and stuff, well, it makes for some crappy sleeping. I had worked on a post yesterday but just didn’t post it. I never finished it. So it’ll sit unfinished.
I’ve got a few things to do today. Yard work to get done, a sewing machine to adjust so I can get busy using it. And a camper door to fix. Maybe I’ll get it all done. I know I’ll get yard done. If I don’t the land Lord will probably charge us for them cutting it. I want to get the sewing machine working right so I can make my own tops and stuff. I have issues finding things that fit correctly being so long. Pants especially are tough to find.
So here I sit waiting on the sun to rise. Drinking coffee and being worried about some stuff. Reveling in my double pierced ears. So now I’m going back to my coffee and calling this post complete.

Kisses Hugs & Love

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