Trans day of visibility

I was reminded of today being transgender day of visibility. What does that mean? For some it’s a great deal, others not so much. Then others nothing at all. We already have a great deal of visibility with NC passing laws about restroom usage. Other states passing or attempting to pass similar laws. This is done in the name of religious freedom. Religious freedom is one of the things this country was founded on if I am not mistaken. It’s in the Constitution. So why do we need laws about it in addition to the ones put in place by the fore father’s? If you don’t want any lgbt people in your place of business, kindly ask us to leave. But if you’re an ass about it you’ll get plenty of resistance. These new laws are about the ability to be an ass. What they think they are attempting to stop, will not stop. The pedifiles and  molesters will still go where they want and do what they do.
It’s amazing how some of us are pillars of the community. We don’t even know it at times. Is it because we care, is it our attitude, our looks, what? Sometimes people look up to us for whatever reason. We are out there being ourselves and then placed on a pedestal. Many of us don’t ask for it, It just happens. We become the reason others move forward. They have looked at us and said to them selves,” this is why I feel different. ”
Anyway, there is much that people do not understand about transgender people. Our own fight inside trying to either conform to society as we were not exposed to why we felt certain ways. Or fighting to adapt to ourselves once we learned what it was we are. I know for a fact I didn’t ask for this stuff. I’ve had so many fights internally and externally I can’t count them. All these because of my own lack of understanding towards myself. I don’t wish this upon anyone. However, now that I’ve come to terms and understand myself, I’ve become much happier. Least I feel much better. I’m moving forward and hope to get to where I should have been thirty+ years ago. Trying to be what others say I should be had all but destroyed me inside. I’ve been down depressed and all that stuff for a long long time. I’ve been coming out of my shell. There are still barriers to be broken, yes. But the freedom of being out of that shell has been exillerating. (No I cannot spell that word).
I hope others will find themselves and live happily. Be yourself and love yourself. That’s all you ever truly have in this weird world.

Kisses Hugs & Love

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