31 March journal

Well folks it’s almost Friday. I can’t wait. I’m tired of working for idiots this week. All it takes is one one day for someone to be stupid and your whole week is ruined.
Today the last day of March is wet and oh my gosh where had the year gone. A whole three months of this year is in the books as a tough ride for some of us. But as we look at the positive it’s not been to bad really. Lots of good milestones and stuff has been accomplished.
I’m a bit at a loss of words today. I’ve spoke my mind on a couple things yesterday. Today I’ve got a big job ahead of me and that’s what is on my mind more so than anything else. Not to mention keeping my mouth shut about the idiot at work while I’m at work. It’s not politically correct.
Well folks it’s time to move on to work now. I’ll leave you with a set of earrings that are looking rather fun to wear. If I can find them someplace that works be great;


Have a great day one

Kisses Hugs & Love

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