30 March journal

Good froggy morning people’s. It’s Wednesday. Another crappy day of forecast rain. No motorcycle for Candi today, bummer.
Well there isn’t a whole lot to say today. I’m just drawing a blank in the writing section today. Oh, I remember something, I saw a post yesterday about how the Republicans that have been fighting us trans folks on the restroom, some of which are or have been caught and accused of sexual harassment. Seems funny to me. It’s kinda like flatulence, he who smelled it dealt it. He who accuses it does it. So also those with out sin may cast the first stone. But that’s never the case. But this whole NC bathroom bill that fit passed last week comes with issues. How do you police it? Does the state and city government’s have the manpower to have a guard at each restroom? Is every person going to be required to carry their birth certificate? Is that guard going to require visual inspection of genitals before restroom entry is granted? Doesn’t that  inspection violate laws? What stops pedifiles and sexual predators from doing what they are going to do? Then the other issues, a very passable and masculine trans man in the ladies room just because they don’t have a penis, and a a very passable and feminine trans woman in the men’s room just because they don’t have a vagina. Both will most surely result in one of not both of a couple things. One in court because they were accused of being in the wrong restroom, creating mental anguish, lost work, fees for courts and attorneys. Two, being beaten to a pulp or to death all because they were a “threat” or violated the sanctity of that restroom they went into due to the passable look they possess. I can say that 100% of the trans people I know and I’m being 99.9% of the trans folks I don’t know do not enter the restroom to be any kind of sexual predator. This includes myself. All we want to do is, do our business and get out. We don’t want a fight, or be exposed. We are being treated as the next minority with no rights, just line the Native American who all our land was stolen from and the African slaves whom were also treated as less a human than they ever deserved. We are human we are not crazy and we dang sure aren’t going to sit around and burned at the stake like the witches in Salem.
Lastly let me put this out here. Many of us trans people have served in the military for our great country. We fight and in cases died to have ours and your freedoms. Now as a veteran I’m told I’m an abomination. I am the very thing we hate. Yet I fought for equality and freedom for all the people in this country. I wrote a blank check to this country payable on an amount leading up to my loss of life. And yet I cannot be who I am inside with out oppression from some two-faced, back stabbing, politician who thinks that his paycheck is worth more than the rest of anyone’s lives put together. Or to the ones to chicken to enlist in the military because they are already “free” and don’t feel the need to fight for it.
I better stop here. I need to get to work and be busy since the Corp people are here and will be coming in the building soon. So take what I’ve said, ponder it and make your decision.
Have a good day every one, and in parting I leave you with a wonderful picture:


Ain’t she cute? Lol

Kisses Hugs & Love

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  1. Agree 100%. I, too, am a veteran and have the same feelings about what is going on in society. Preach on!

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    1. Candi June says:

      I saw a face book post today after writing my own post here. A person has on a T-shirt saying I fought so you could hate me. Dealing with veterans.

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