27 March journal

Good morning every one, it’s Easter Sunday. The sun is partially out and the temperature not to bad.
As we both prepare for our visit to friends for dinner, I am trying to get coffee in my system and wake up. This is our second Easter season here. And unlike the DFW metro mess things shut down twice here. One on Friday for good Friday, then Sunday for Easter. I personally know and understand the reasons for Easter. I did grow up in a Baptist Christian home. Though now as I look back in my childhood and especially recent years, I found that it has also become a commercialized Christian holiday. It’s full of chocolate and clothing sales. And as is Christmas, the reason for the celebration has gone by the wayside. So please don’t forget what this weekend is all about. Though I tend to lean towards the native American ways of honoring and worshipping the creator, I think we all need some kind of faith. Enough on this now.
In Candi’s kitchen today, lemon meringue pie. Something I’ve never attempted. Chocolate might be more fun, I promised this particular pie. So I need to get it made and then clean up and get my Easter dress on. Maybe some pretty time at the make up counter. In my own home that is.
Last night we watched a couple movies. One I’ve seen and the other not yet seen. “Bury my heart at wounded knee” I’ve read the book. It is a really depressing story and based on a true story. The other movie also based on a true story, “the Danish girl”. Which also strikes a chord in my soul. Both movies leaving you sad at the end. Both discussing at some extent, fear, prejudice, repression of a people or person.
Alrighty then I’ve got to get busy on that pie. Have a great day every one.

Kisses Hugs & Love

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  1. Domina Jen says:

    Hope you had a great day, and I hope the pie turned out well! I’ve never been much of a baker myself.

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    1. Candi June says:

      Yes it was good thanks. How you had a great weekend yourself.

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