23 March journal

Good Wednesday morning every one. Hope all is well in your world. Mine is blowing away with the high wind. Yesterday became a day of searching. We needed a part at one of our other locations and I was tasked with finding it. I guess I’m the only one who can think outside the box of mechanical stuff. I find it quite funny at times. So I really didn’t do much of anything yesterday except drive. But I did find what we needed and got it to the location that needed it. Which was a shock to my boss who thought he was going to have to drive out there and deliver it. I needed to help the supervisor out there anyway, look at a unit that had him baffled.
So anyway the therapist appointment seems to be going no where. I’m sure there is a reason behind what she is doing. She did say I’ll understand next appointment. But still, I guess they are trying to determine if I’m a crazy no good sort of person or not. I was advised to be open but, I don’t understand what this is doing. I’ll know in due time i am sure. A friend said that they are making sure we aren’t crazy. But who isn’t some what crazy? That’s like describing normal. Speaking of crazy, a city leader in Arkansas got up and went to a lady at another table in a restaurant. Claiming she wasn’t a female and that he could prove that he is by dropping his pants in public. He assumed the lady was transgender female. Turns out, she was not transgender, and is mortified by the man’s actions and words. It is a story worth seeking out. And yet we have to prove we  aren’t crazy before we can get what we need. How dare they! If you ever watch the television series super girl. The actions in that show towards all aliens is how we trans folks are treated. At least by the churches and naysayers and the government who tend to say one thing then pass laws stating the opposite.
Now I’m home got dinner in the oven and salad made. Mistress stuck at work and sad. I’m sure she is hungry. I am to but we need cheese. Can’t have baked potatoes with no cheese. So I wait and wait. Anyway I’m done for today’s writings. I’ve got to get some other stuff done.
Have a great night

Kisses Hugs & Love

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  1. My therapist took me through the different thing i could be… Gay, transvestite, other permutations. One per visit. At the hourly rate, of course. Good luck.

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    1. Candi June says:

      I haven’t even gotten there yet.

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