21 March journal

Good Monday everyone. As usual I’m late starting a post today. Since I’ve nothing else to do for a while I’m doing one now. Bring that I’m stuck in a parking lot waiting on a tow truck. The unit I was testing for problems finally decided to rear up it’s ugly headed problem. So yes I’m stuck.
We had a wonderous weekend as we always do. Though I had a plan for Saturday to have the tire reinstalled on the motorcycle. The weather decided again to stop that. I do have it on the wheel, and went and got the wheel balanced on Friday. Then this cold air set in again along with a bit of rain. Rain again later this week too. After work today I will get it installed and then when Mistress gets home we can go get it to the house. Then I can be riding again daily. It’s rather a therapy session of its own for me. Last week was warm and nice for riding. Hopefully this will continue.
My therapist appointment is tomorrow unless it gets cancelled again. I sure hope not, I really want to get on the track of where I should have been many moons ago. I’ve though l thought of many reasons why and why not to follow through on my self. The primary reason, that’s where I’ve been the happiest. Scared and shy in the past but now it’s not that big of an issue. I’ve reached and thought deep hard and long on this. Had my own internal fights, of what ifs and what nots. Asking why to myself and wondering mostly of Mistress and her thoughts and needs. I’ve beaten myself up so bad that I was in a hole that I wasn’t getting out of. Some how Mistress seemed to get me out of that more than once. She has been a better trooper in this than I have been. Always smiling, always looking forward always looking up. Honestly I don’t know how she does it. It’s great having her around. I’m so happy she chose to be with me even though I’m far from what she deserves, at least in my eyes. So anyway she is lovely. Yes we, like everyone have our troubles. But we tend to say what needs saying, apologizing for being stupid and moving on with our lives. We don’t hold much of, if anything over each other’s heads. Only two things ever come up these days. That’s the fact I wasn’t completely honest with her on this, and the same towards myself.
Well now I’m home and have been for the last several lines of this post. I need to get my shower, cook dinner and hope Mistress will want to go after the motorcycle this evening. So with that I’m off to get some more chores done.

Kisses Hugs & Love

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