18 March journal

Good morning Americans, and others reading this, it’s Friday. A time of the week to relish in telling your boss to take a hike. Lol, well I wouldn’t actually because I need the job. But it sure would be nice to tell a few folks to kiss my ass. My boss is pretty cool actually. If he leaves I cringe at the thought of what we may get.
Being I’ve not been able to finish a post the last week or so. I’m going to try and finish this one. But the sky is blue during the day and full of stars at night. Do we try to change that our do we let it be? Some things are best left alone. They are what they are and nothing can be done.
Well my appointment with my therapist was cancelled this past Monday. It had since been rescheduled for this Tuesday. Hopefully the stars align and we can get this show moving. I was a bit disappointed Monday. But hey, if you’re sick you’re sick. Can’t be changed. I know I have to stay focused while I’m there. Though we didn’t finish the paperwork. Hopefully it will be fruitful for me. To get me on the way to myself that I’ve fought much to long.
Well I need to get busy and can this post into the books.
Have a great day everybody.

Kisses Hugs & Love

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