15 March journal

Good morning folks, it’s tuesday. Not sure how I got here but I’m here. Most of the weekend and yesterday is a blur. I do know my therapist appointment was cancelled yesterday. Seems the therapist is sick and could not be there. I’m too receive a call to reschedule when she is better. I hope it’s soon. I hope more than that, that she is doing OK. In other things, I went back to the support group last night. Some good topics came up. However, the fetish part kept coming up. And the moderators are way into fetish. I did run into a couple folks that one I needed to and the other I’d been looking for since new years eve. With that out of the way it wasn’t a bad meeting but topics did keep getting lost and side tracked. That was rather annoying, and some people wanted to talk of subject among themselves. Well that’s just the way it goes when young folks run things.
Work has been busy, Mistress still isn’t up to par in his she is physically feeling. The doctors want to run some tests and insurance says no. So we are stuck on that issue. It’s A real bummer too. Hope she can get better soon. I know she is miserable, and tired of it.
Well it’s been a long day. Not only work and it’s people who need special forms to prove who they are. That form ID-10-t is really needed. Especially for one individual that I have to deal with. Then I come home to no electric power. Which was no big deal at the time. I had to go outside and mow the yard, doing some tidying up. It’s now 430 and I’m ready to stop. Well, actually I did. I’ve showered and then remembered that I haven’t finished this post. So now I’m calling it finished.
Have A great evening and enjoy. Glad it’s not dark out already.

Kisses Hugs & Love

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