10 & 11 March journal

Welcome to Thursday everyone. I was really tired after work yesterday. Wound up in bed shortly after 7pm. Then up around 330. Finally out of bed at 4. Maybe I should have took a nap. Oh well it’s no big deal. It’s still raining here and not much outside can be had. Possibly rain into next week. So far we’ve had about 4+ inches.
I’m really looking forward to Monday. Therapist appointment is Monday. And this time in really excited to go. That and the future of me being where I need to be is all I’ve been thinking about lately. I say this, it’s been more needed for a long long time than I believed. But it’s  me and where I belong. I’m happy and not fighting myself. I still have a couple worries but it isn’t bothering me like it used to.
Good morning folks it’s Friday. Yesterday got so busy with water removal and other things in relation to that. So I didn’t get to finish yesterday’s post. We are part of the flooded area of the country but it’s not as bad as some places. So we are just fine and things are good. Just wet that’s all.
Today I have plans to get my beard waxed. Some people say yes others say no don’t do it. Every one is different and results vary from one person to another. So the least I can do is give it a go. Like epilating my arms over time it should become thinner and easier. But we’ll see. Still running a risk of possible ingrown hairs. But there are ways around that. So it’s an idea to try it.
Since I have no idea what’s in store when I get to work, I’ll have to end this double post here.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday.

Kisses Hugs & Love

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  1. Never tried waxing. Did laser. Can’t wait to read your post after having it done!

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    1. Candi June says:

      It was a waste of time. The pain endured was not worth the results. A friend went with me and said they did it wrong. Not enough wax and so on. Face is still sore, especially along the lower part of the jaw bone. Making it difficult to shave. Never again.

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