8 March journal

Good morning folks, have a great day every one, it is Tuesday and should be much better than yesterday. I know some folks had a bad day as well. For me it wasn’t really that bad except for one thing. They put a person in the shop with me so I can “baby sit”. The person made a mess of my shop. Oil and grease every where. On door handles, walls, sink fixtures, and dripped on the floor all the way to the restroom. Then found more and more issues that create safety hazards. And I was not cleaning all that up. I raised my children and don’t care to clean after others who should know better and that are adults. I think this person can work outside from this point on. But I have to talk to my boss and get his point of view. I spent half an hour cleaning the walls and toilet. Still I need to clean more today when I get in to work. Our floor gets really slippery when liquids get on them. So I have to get it cleaned up before someone slips and falls. OK enough of that.
I’ve been in a really good mood the last couple days. Been waking up before the alarm all figity and ready to go. That’s wierd. I guess I’ve been sleeping and resting together.
My next therapist appointment is next Monday. I’m ready now to see her. Wasn’t wanting to at the last appointment due to the meds altering my mind. But now it seems I’m good to go.
Well I’m at work and need to get busy cleaning up after my “child”.
Have A great everyone!

Kisses Hugs & Love

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