7 March journal.

Hi everybody, wow it’s Monday again. I’m doing good and finally feel like me. Actually I’ve felt pretty much like me for a couple days. I don’t want to go through that stuff again.
Saturday night we had a dinner date with our friends. It was a great dinner unlike Mistress and I have ever had. The four of us were dressed to the nines. Mistress and Ma’am in very beautiful cocktail dresses. Us guys in suits and ties. I had a suit left and it required cuff links. I’m not a suit person so it doesn’t get worn often. But i will say we were the best dressed people in the place. Anyways, the dinner was great and we’ve never spent three hours sitting at a dinner table in a restaurant. I will say also that my steak was the best steak I’ve had in Tennessee. Being a Texas beef girl, I have high expectations of how a steak should be. I was not disappointed short of the tad bit more salt than I cared for. The rest of the dinner food for me just didn’t compare to that. I think everyone else was happy their food. I really didn’t pay any attention due to the relishing in the flavor and tenderness of that juicy steak. After that we changed clothing and went to the bar for some dancing and stuff. And then by the time we all got home, we pretty much passed out.
I will say these friends of ours are great! Yeah we’ve had some tough patches over the last few months. But we’ve stuck by each other. And that’s what friends do. Even with the tough times from all of us, it’s been a real pleasure to have them around. I hope it never ends.
Now that it’s 1530 in the afternoon, I had a busy day and it flew by. Now I’m late getting home and got plenty to do. Cook and shower then to bed. Not to mention my precious time with Mistress who is under the weather. So have a good evening every one.

Kisses Hugs & Love

One Comment Add yours

  1. floyetha says:

    I’ve been in Texas my whole life and don’t like to eat red meat >.<


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