4 March journal

Good morning Americans, it’s Friday. Stand by for news! Yes it’s Friday and the world is turning, the sun is scheduled to shine. I personally am feeling better than I have in two weeks. I say this in the sense of my mentality. It’s a wonderful day, and boy I’m so glad. Yay!
I see lots of clothing items on television shows and commercials. I wonder must of the time of I could wear them and look good. There are certain styles and colors I am drawn to. The biggest problem is being so darn tall. Old navy is probably the place for me to find pants, though i have not checked out tops as of yet. There is two shoe stores that carry my women’s size of shoes, I do have some cute ones. Practical is more of a turn on than fashion usually. Cute and practical is the best I think. But I don’t want to get out and mow the lawn in high heels and a skirt, or even shorts. I’ve had one to many near misses of things flying out around my leg.
So anyhow, here it’s Saturday night. We’re all at a bar and checking out outfits, shoes, tops, pants and dresses. Boy, let me tell you some of the fashion sense in people is right out the door. Some cute outfits. But rarely anything of the going out I want to you to take me home outfits. At least where I come from. But much classy going on these days. Especially the younger crowd. Mostly tenny shoes and shorty shorts or something in that area of the fashion world. I’d say must were dressed to go camping in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, done were dressed to impress for the setting we were in. But the general consensus is as I previously described.
On to other news, I’m finally thinking I’m out of my funk. Though dressed in guy mode with one one exception. I’ve got a bra and breast forms. Mostly to test and see if I can pull off guy mode and still have boobs. A time will come when I have to do this and breasts aren’t going to be able to be removed. Otherwise I’m OK, just want to be me. But tonight is for Mistress. And it’s not been a bad evening.
Now it’s Sunday evening. Had some things to do that was not on the list of things to do. Matter of fact it was normal Sunday stuff. Laundry, dishes and grocery shopping. We’re both worn out. And now we’re watching Rupaul’s drag race marathon. Hoping to catch the last three episodes of Mythbusters.
Anyhow, this post is finished. All my thoughts and stuff from earlier are lost in sleepy drowsiness. Have a great evening.

Kisses Hugs & Love

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