3 March journal

Good morning everyone, hope everyone is doing good. This post almost didn’t happen today. I just wasn’t in the mood. Though I’m in the mood I just don’t have anything to really talk about that isn’t dark and dreary.
I’ve been in a wierd funk the last several days. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I still do not know what it is that’s got me there. I really do want to know. Because this is some old crazy bs to feel this way. The last time I was in a deep funk like this, I was going to box up Candi. Say good bye and move on with my life as everyone knows it. This time that’s not in my head. That’s what has me bothered I think. I could pinpoint why I felt bad and now I can’t. Is the need greater than I realized? Or is it something else? Personally, I think it is the antibiotic I was on for ten days. It had me on a drunk I’ve never felt before and now I’ve been coming off that. Yesterday was the first day I haven’t been rubber legged and stuporous. Though I haven’t had any since Saturday morning, it’s where I think the problem lies. Mistress days that stuff should be out of my system by now. She is correct in that. But the side affects of coming off something is entirely different. Especially if it affects the brain. In researching I found many people have had mood and personality altering side effects of the antibiotic I was on. So I don’t think anything is wrong. I just need to let this stuff finish coming out of my system.
Aside from that I’m doing fine. I haven’t been coughing and ask that jazz. So that’s a good thing.  Otherwise buying but work happening. Need to get home things done at home and fix a couple little things on the vehicles. Wash, wax vacuum the vehicles. Get the motor bike out and get it ready. Do much to do. We need to get the camper ready for camping. Wow lots to do.
Well I better get back to work folks. Have a good day

Kisses Hugs & Love

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  1. I’m exhausted just from reading about your projects. I need a nap now.


    1. Candi June says:

      Lol. Now I just need two things. Time, and the mentality. However the mentality is getting better.

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