29 February journal

Good Monday morning every one. I’m still out of sorts today. It was a long and fun weekend. I had a reminder of why I don’t do chemical resets anymore. That means I drank alcohol and got more than buzzed. I was messed up all day yesterday and still feel messed up today. Just dragging and not caring. Well maybe not so much the not caring part, but don’t want to be up right now. Anyway short of that, I’m glad I’m not on the meds anymore. I feel OK physically and an just a bit mentally messed up. I’ve lost my manners, had a bad case of leave me alone but don’t leave me alone. I really hate getting drunk any more. It takes way too long to get over it. There was a time when I lived in a bottle. I don’t really know how I did it. Maybe I drank more water and stuff then to. I don’t really know. That was so long ago. I’ve also learned since then that I don’t need alcohol to loosen up and have a good time. It’s all a state of mind. That state of mind is something I’ve not got right this moment. But still it was an enjoyable weekend with friends as always. I just wished that between the meds then the alcohol I wasn’t a shroo like I was. Blah sorry. And I wasn’t very becoming of a lady either. Lol
Oh well I’ve got to f finish the job I was on last week. Get this unit complete and back where it belongs. So I really need to get busy. And work this funk out of my system. So I hope everyone has a great day, and maybe the winds will bring you good tidings.

Kisses Hugs & Love

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