23 February journal

It’s finally Tuesday. Good morning everyone. I’m feeling OK right now, but I’m sure the meds will kick in before this post gets done being written.
We did manage to make it to the local transgender support group last night. Though I’m afraid we will not be making it back to the support group. Some serious changes were made. These changes have changed the aura of the meetings and it’s turned into s mockery of transgender people. Many of us in the group wish /need to be on one end of the trans spectrum. The new moderator is in the middle, even stating that she id’s as make one minute and female the next many times through the course of a day. She considers herself Gender fluid. Which is fine. Though I think she should pick one out the other for the whole day and not change demeanors back and forth through the day. It’s not so much that this person is gender fluid, this person is rather wishy washy in mentality on everything anyway. So I may go back to see if it’s better but I cannot see that this change was a benefit to whole of trans community here, but rather a benefit to the new moderator. It kinda bums me out. Oh well.
So yesterday I had my first therapy appointment. It wasn’t as bad as I thought though I had to tell, in the initial appointment, some things that I have told myself and others. But just didn’t really want to tell at a psychologist appointment. Anyway it was good and have another appointment scheduled two weeks out. And I have homework to do for the appointment as well. Go figure. I never knew of that stuff.
Gosh it seems like I have so much to do. And always got to be someplace. I think this weekend we really need to stay home and get some things done we been trying to get done. Finish cleaning one room that we placed boxes in when we moved in. Clear them out and get them to the garbage or storage after thinning through the stuff.
We really need to get that room cleaned up and set up for some company if we were to ever have any. Not to mention it looks trashy. Yuck.
Well the meds are now kicking in. Right on time. About 45-60 minutes after taking it I start feeling loopy and wierd. Not to mention irritable. And I need to start getting ready to get some work done.
Have a great day every one


I like this above.

Kisses Hugs & Love

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