22 February journal.

Good Monday morning every one. Yes I said Monday. Yucky!
Well today I have my first therapy appointment. Not sure what to expect but we’ll find out. Why I picked a Monday I’ll never know.
I’ve been rather irritable the last few days. I’ve been on this medication for my sinus and cough. So stopped taking the cough syrup. And was feeling OK. But I take the antibody and feel weird. Combine the two and I’m just a bitch. I took my morning dose of the antibody this morning and now I’m weirded out feeling and got really tired again. I’m in a bit of a daze and really don’t want to see a psychological person in this state of mind. My positions haven’t changed, just don’t like the idea that I could be told it’s the meds rather than the history. If you know what I mean. I believe I’m thinking straight, I just feel off balance and loopy.
Well I need to get back on finishing this project left from Friday. Si I can start another one.

Kisses Hugs & Love

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