21 February journal

Good early meeting every one. This post is late or early. However you wanna see it. Saturdays post just didn’t happen. To much to do and then the ball. Which wasn’t a ball just a dinner party. We really only needed cocktail dresses. But we had a great limo ride.
These days like today are hard tough on us. By the end of the night we are totally exhausted. Usually ending with a headache from tiredness on my part. And a day of sleeping on Sunday.
Anyway we always always enjoy ourselves. The fun is well worth the trouble. Currently it’s 230 am, and our entire troupe is worn out. It’s time for bed.
OK so we’re all up. Went to the grocery for breakfast, cooked cleaned and have laundry going. Watching movies with our friends and just chilling out. We’re all worn out still. It’s now two PM.
I think the rest of the day is going to be thoughtless so I’m done with this post.
Have a good afternoon everyone.

Kisses Hugs & Love

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