17 February journal

Well people’s, it’s Wednesday. I’ve got a pretty good sized job to do today. Finally a part showed up. How about that? Today will fly by and I’ve got ADR appointment today to see why I’ve got this confounded cough. Maybe I’ll be better come Saturday for our ball. I hate going out and spending it coughing my insides out. Blah! Go away cough.
I’ve been thinking of another purge of clothes. Now before you fly off the handle, they are just clothes. And no I’m not purging all my fem clothes or ask my male clothes. Several weeks ago while I was off for Christmas, I tried on a few things I hadn’t worn yet. On a hanger they look OK but still out dated. In trying these on I found I look like an old lady from the movies in the fifties. Especially a certain sweater dress. I looked like I belonged on mama’s family. Back on track here, I’ve got also way to many guy t shirts. I only need enough for work. I’ve got some guy jeans that are to big. A few other items that I just haven’t worn in like years. It’s time for much of this to disappear. I hate parting with some stuff but it’s really time. I’ve got shirts that I’ve cut the sleeves, and are just not very flattering. Yes I’m keeping stuff that fits and is needed for certain occasions. But stuff had to be gone through now and then regardless. So this is a purge with meaning. Not one of haste, and depression. My closet just needs cleaning for spring, yay, come on spring. So no worries. I’ve decided a while back not to purge if I’m depressed and in the dumps. When I get that way I need to really talk to Mistress. Speaking of Mistress, even she said she needs to go through her stuff as well. But getting her to do it is another story in and of its own. I guess we’ll see what happens.
After this weekend, we’ve got shit to do. We have to get ready for camping. Make a few repairs on our camper. Check the dry goods in the camper see what’s needed and all that jazz. Not to mention I’ve got some dental appointments to make. A motorcycle tire to buy. And boy just to much stuff. House cleaning that really really needs done. One room is a total mess.
Well folks I gotta get busy. This project won’t do it’s self.
Ttfn have a great day.

Kisses Hugs & Love

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