15 February journal

Good morning folks it’s Monday. Rain and wet and cold Monday. I gotta be out in the rain finishing Fridays project. Yuck.
I’ve really been happy the last couple weeks. Though not sheets 100% fem on the weekends, I’ve been allowed that time. I feel so happy inside. I just can’t believe how good I’ve felt. Well other than this persistent cough. The ability to just be me, I’ve been internally free. Free from my own demons of hiding and denying. And our outings seem to have gotten much easier.
Now as my hair has grown quite a bit since August, I’ve finally went out in my own hair. It is much more comfy and natural. I don’t feel so much as a guy in a dress. Only as an ugly chick now. Lol. I always worried of my wig cap netting showing. Especially during the day time. Having an obvious wig line and in some cases the netting that holds the hair of the wig show, it’s a bit nerve racking to me. Mistress has helped with my hair and that’s been a great thing. I’ve been learning how from her.
Now that I’m cold and wet trying to warm up in my own shop I’ve got to remember what I was thinking. I hate forgetting.
I’ve got so much to do this week in preparation f for Saturdays ball. Decide o on eye make up, fingernail polish, under garments, not just for me but Mistress as well. She has to look radiant. This isn’t about me and only me it’s about us. It’s really cool and exciting to me.
Ooh yeah back on the hair thing. You know hair seems to make or break all of us in presentation. From trans women and men alike. It’s usually one of the first things people notice aside from body language.
Well I best get back to my work. I’ve got big shot fancy pants people coming. They like to have their own rules. But I need to get a few things dealt with then it’s time to go home. Yay!

Kisses Hugs & Love

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