14 February journal

Good evening folks, it’s Sunday. Cool and damp, oh yeah it’s valentine’s day. How about that love for all today. Even if it’s for the day. Anyway we had breakfast with friends, then a bit of shopping. See we have a sweet hearts ball next Saturday. I’ve been allowed to wear a gown. But before I get there, Mistress got a beautiful gown. I’ll call it a light light green, sort of a sea foam green I think. It’s got some bling and looks so good on her. Semi open back and we got it discounted due to the back hooks are not attached properly. So I’ll be fixing it. I don’t mind, because, she will be the most beautiful person there. Yummy I think. She’s never been to a ball before, nor have I. But we’ll have a good time i think. So back to my gown, blue with a silvery blingy trim on top. I’ve got to take the top in about 1.5-2.0 inches. Strapless and I’m nervous about that. Then off to the shoe stores. We both decided on something silver. Both of us leaving with silver, strappy heels. So cute. I’ll get the pictures of them posted tomorrow. I’ve got to finish laundry, put it away and then get to bed for Monday morning shenanigans.
We spent Friday evening with friends for a bit for dinner. It was way too noisy. I could not get most of the conversations. But the food was not to bad. Then last night we had a foursome date for dinner. To the bar bar for gi(u)rls night. We didn’t have much of a turn out. The weather to cold, people sick, and just couldn’t get out. But we did all have fun. Pool and darts.
The four of us returned to our place and all but passed out. The next thing we all knew, it was 830 Sunday morning. Sittin shopping and here we are. 730 PM and I’m all but ready for bed.
Well that’s that. And I’m done for today.

Kisses Hugs & Love

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