12 February journal

Good morning Americans, it’s Friday. Yay! The weather here is to take another nose dive in temps again. No wonder I can’t shake this cold sinus crap. After a fifty something day today, it’s going to get bitter cold again. Oh well such is life you can’t change nature. She does what she wants. And then people blame the government for not protecting them against it. I ain’t getting into that argument.
I was brought to awareness of another damn form we have to have before we can file our taxes. A 1095 or something like that. To prove we had insurance or something in lieu of, during the previous year. They say it may not reach us until March 31st. Good grief, this obamacare bs is making us pay more for insurance and work harder to get our taxes done. So far I have not seen a benefit from this new law. Only more misery and work with less money in my pocket.
Well I am feeling better today. Mistress says she is feeling better too. My hit sauce and habanero regimen is working. Not to mention I found the Vicks vapor rub. Maybe we’ll be 100% in a couple more days. No one feels sexy or beautiful when your nose is running, head stopped up and a constant cough. Just makes you feel like yucky poo. I’m glad it’s finally going away.
I’m not really sure what our plans are this weekend. It’s all dependant on how we are feeling. I say we, because I don’t want to leave Mistress home alone with some of the issues she has been dealing with. If she gets down on her bp I’ll need to spring into action and get her some help. Add in the cold that hasn’t done her any good. And it’s a recipe for disaster. So I’m undecided at this point. I do think we are doing dinner tonight with some friends. But dinner is all we are doing. We need to get home and rest and medicate. Tomorrow is still up in the air.
Other than that we are good to go. We are happy and miserable at the same time. And now I’ve got to go to work.

Kisses Hugs & Love

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