10 February journal

It’s hump day, yay! And though we are sick and feeling crappy in Candi land. We cannot complain. Because we just don’t care. Mistress is miserable, feeling kind she needs a home day. But she needs to go to the doctor too. However she is at work. To many people called in sick already. Luck she works in a doctor’s office. Maybe she can be seen while there. She has the same crap I’ve got. And it ain’t fun. Especially both of us sick. We may wind up staying in bed together this weekend if we don’t shake this stuff. Yuck. I thought I made progress, then it returned then it goes away. But last night 6 soft tacos, three habaneros, and half a bottle of habanero hot sauce later, I got to coughing a bunch of stuff out. Today I’m feeling a bit better. But I may need to hit the doctor up again myself. A sinus infection is coming im  pretty sure. Five weeks of this is plenty long enough. I’ve never been sick this long, well, except in the head. Lol
Enough of being sick. The company policy is, safety glasses are required when in the repair shop. That’s not too be deviated from. However my shop is next to an emergency exit for a class room. Every time they have a meeting, a sub meeting comes into the shop area and does their talking. All the while I’m trying to work. I have yet to pay the sign of safety glasses on the opposite side of the door. I do think I’ll get that done today. As a reminder to the corporate people who put e policy into place, “wear your safety glasses”. If you can’t wear them or don’t have any then guess what? You aren’t supposed to be out here. If something happens, by policy, and you get hurt, then it’s my fault no matter what. Which is stupid but many times they just encroach and don’t make themselves known to be in the area that they should not be in the first place. Announce yourself, you big idiots.
OK enough ranting, damn it’s only 10 til nine. It’s going to be a long day. It ends at two anyway. So I can’t complain. Im going to be doing some workouts when I get home. It’s helping reduce this cold stuff I’ve gotten.
Well I’ve lost track of what it was I was writing. As has been the case all day. Oh well I’ll just close this post for the books.

Kisses Hugs & Love

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