9 February journal

Well it’s tuesday. Yup another day closer to colder weather for us. I read s blog post and got jealous. Yes, I’m jealous. It seems one of our fellow bloggers has toe socks. I’ve been looking for tie socks for months. I cannot find them anyplace. I used to have some. I have no idea where I put them years ago. Lost in the wind i guess. Still I want some. Boo 😦
We had an eventful meeting last night. Good topics and good feed back. No I didn’t provide any because I kept coughing. As I get more accustomed to the people there, I’ll open my mouth a bit more. But there old adage, a fool chatters a wise one listens.
Mistress and I neither felt to good last night so after the meeting we left rather quickly. Usually we will chat some. But not last night. Straight home we came and straight to bed I went. Undressing of course. Today I’m not coughing like yesterday.
And apparently I just found out all over time is stopped. Due to one fellow who milks the clock. Trying to justify his existence after a normal forty hours. So we are all screwed again.
Well I’m forgetting what I’m writing. As I’ve been busy trying to do what ever I can to make the day pass by and get something accomplished. So have a great day folks.

Kisses Hugs & Love

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