Many times over the last couple months I’ve written posts of sadness and tears. Usually barely able to see the screen as I type. I’m done feeling that way. Windows and doors open and close. Some for good reasons, and others for none at all. Some doors closing are painful as well as the opening doors. There is joy in those as well when we look back at the whole scenario. The immediate heart ache and sadness doesn’t last to long honestly. There is always a spot in our hearts for the people that come and go,  no matter what and where our how the types of loves and friendships come and go.
This post does not come with tears of either joy or sadness. It comes as a reminder to look back on when years pass and I wonder what ever happened. We have to decide how we wish to be. Happy, sad, joyful and or depressed. For me, I have decided to be me, I’ve decided to be happy. To leave the sadness, pain and the doing for everyone else behind. I’ve done so much to make sure my family and a few others including work is taken care of I’ve neglected myself and my needs. I know plenty of folks that have done exactly the same. And finding sunshine among the pain is hard. Yeah maybe friends, real friends, will find their way back around. Same with family.
So to help some of us find that Ray of sunshine I decided to keep this blog open for now. I’ve toyed with closing it for a few weeks now. And I still might, but, right now it stays as is with a few subtle changes.
There is a native proverb that says this; may you be strengthened by yesterday’s rain, walk straight in tomorrows wind, and cherish each moment of sun today.
I have had alot of rain. It’s high time the flowers grow. There will be wind and I’ll hold strong and straight in that to. Because the sun will shine and allow the growth of beautiful flowers.
So I guess that’s really all I got to say for now. Find that sun shine! If you want it you’ll get it. I know I did.

Kisses Hugs & Love

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  1. seldomseenway says:

    🙂 Change can be good… and i am happy you are finally comfortable with finding it for yourself … i will miss your posts if you do decide to leave however i also would understand. Thank you for opening up and sharing as you have.

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    1. Candi June says:

      If I decide to close this one down. I will open another. And find all the ones reading this and let them know where it is. But as I change things and find that this as everything else, it’s a part of who I am. It’s not closing anytime soon.

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  2. Selina says:

    Charge is hard and growth is scary but both bring wonderful things

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