1 February journal

Good Monday morning folks. It’s wet outside this morning. As usual it’s Monday and I hate Mondays. Especially when I get to bed late.
Well valentines day is just two weeks away. The stupor bowl is next week. Oh wait that’s the super bowl. Though bowls are supposed to have ship m soup or cereal in them. Not tight ends and balls. Lol
Valentines day is on a Sunday I think. I’m not sure what to do on that day yet. I know I’m wanting a giant fluffy frog. I know what Mistress wants. But I ain’t saying here.
A couple of fellow bloggers have had come on some hard times. Their relationships ended. My prayers to the great spirit goes out to them. To guide them and give them strength. As they need it. My heart goes out to then as well. Hold your heads up dears, you’ll make it through this.
I need to get going to work. Get my working day started and ease through this Monday. I’ve got to keep my eye on the sky. We’re in store for severe storms, especially tomorrow. Several channels and weather forecasts have it set up. But as our great snow storm that never appeared, I’ll keep watch. Nothing may happen, yet much could happen.
Have a good day every one

Kisses Hugs & Love

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