28 January journal

Good Thursday morning everyone. Hope all is well. It’s a touch cooler this morning, dropping below freezing. It’s more seasonal. So I got up and find no water flowing. So I grabbed Mistress hair drier and out side I went. To thaw the pipe that comes up to feed our rental place. We had been good about keeping the faucet running but last night was not remembered. Oh well it’s fixed up now. Mistress would be pissed if she couldn’t get her morning shower.
     I know it’s Thursday and not in a mind fog like yesterday. Yesterday I was in a weird stupor. I didn’t know what day it was when I awoke.
     I’m at a standstill at work. Parts always keeps you from working when you don’t have any. The big project I been on for a while is done except for one piece. I have many other projects that need to be started on. Along with some house keeping that I need to do to accomplish those.
So off to working I go. I’m thinking I need to get working out more. For health reasons. And other things too. But I’m kinda lazy. I need to stop and check with our rental office about using the training room. At least I won’t be in the weather on crappy days. And I can still get my heart pumping good too.
That’s it for today

Kisses Hugs & Love

2 Comments Add yours

  1. missaisuhi says:

    Give them a money order for $25 and you will access to it

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  2. Domina Jen says:

    Lol, you mentioned keeping the faucet running at night, and I had to Google that. I’ve never lived in a place where we had to keep the faucets going at night to keep them from freezing. One of the things I love about the desert.

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