24 January journal

A new beginning,
In a galaxy far far away, ha who am I kidding. Lol
Good morning folks, it’s Sunday. I hope everyone affected by the storm that had blown through the eastern US is safe and sound. We did dodge the siren in my immediate area. There are many that did not.
  I’ve almost ended the progress of this blog. Choosing to begin a new one was heavy on my soul and heart. Then in my usual meditative time I got a revelation. So the blog will continue as planned. One reason, I’ve got to much of my life in this thing. I do not want to retrace the steps I’ve already taken. At least the three years I’ve been on here. The second reason, I cannot let the monster win. That monster of fear that sends to control much of everyone’s life. And that’s enough feeling on those things.
   It’s another bitter cold morning. No cloudiness to keep any heat in the lower atmosphere. The heat that was generated has disappeared. Normal nature stuff. I’ve got my coffee on the stove. And I’m going to watch TV today. Still under the weather. Actually had to go to the doctor yesterday. Yucky old bronchitis. So I end here to take my meds and probably pass out again.




Kisses Hugs & Love

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