8 July Journal

No new word on what time I leave for Memphis, all we know is it’s the thirteenth. Bunch of last minute hey up and wait yahoos. Oh well.
It’s Tuesday I am still worn out. I don’t think o am going to get ahead enough to make me not be behind when I get back.
I got my spankings last night 🙂 made me happy. Or any like our usual as I am out of sync due to not having any in a while. We are going to get there soon then I will be out of town such a bummer.
I been busy all day and it is about time to go home. My last look at the thermometer said 98 degrees. I feel it to, the heat like this wears me out.
Home, showered and watching television, cooling off a bit. It’s still 98 degrees and it may get a degree hotter. At least it’s not 105. When night time temps get 80 plus, then I will get worried about one hundred degree temps.
I have reason to believe that one of the former boarders has been in my house. He is a “friend” of our son, so that’s how he could have gotten in. But he left a calling card, his ball cap is in the bathroom and it wasn’t this morning that I remember. That kind of thing pisses me off.
Now about this hornyness I have. How do I take care of it. Sex isn’t going to happen, we are in the chastity thing again without a device. She isn’t home at night and that leaves me and her with no way to relieve our libidos.
And now, a word from our sponsor; Happy Cock

Ain’t she a cartoon cutie?

And just for humor;
Fire men, finds em hot and leaves em wet. Lol 🙂
And that’s the end of this journal. We hope you stay tuned to this bdsm channel for more on the crazy, weird, zany antics of the slave abezure. Good night all!

kinks & loves from abezure

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