7 July Journal


It’s Monday and the sky is a blue I haven’t seen in a while. No rain in site says the weather man. I hate Mondays especially after a weekend of fun we had. We could not afford to go but we did.
No lifestyle events happened again yesterday. That stinks but she days it’s because I am sunburned. The area she usually paddles isn’t sunburned. Oh well.
Last week of work here before I go to Memphis. But some reason I am afraid i am not going. I have no info to date about travel lodging and so forth on the issue. So until I get it,I suppose I am not going. Until then I have lots to do. So I can be caught up for not being here if I do go. So off to get busy I go.
Lunch has come and gone. I am trying to kill some time. The rest is easy stuff that can get done quickly. I don’t wanna work to fast. I might work my self out of a job.
Hum, what kinds of kinky things can I think of? Cock, submission, worshipping, house chores in a bikini, 🙂 getting the mail from the curb naked, having an upside down rope session. All of it turns me on. Oh but you knew that already didn’t you. Back to work I go.
Twenty minutes left. Then home, clean fridge out, cook dinner, shower, be sexy, and taunt for a spanking. Sounds like a plan. But first when I get home I am getting out of my pants and into some shorts. Only because there is one child Left at home that will walk in any time. Don’t want to be running around nude with that issue.
All that is left now is a shower. I have no plans to go back out. It’s hot and I am tired. I did have a hard time getting to sleep last night. I don’t know why. I need my paddling you know.
Well I guess that’s all for now. This journal is done-a-mundo. That’s the Fonz speaking you know. Good night kinksters.

kinks & loves from abezure

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