Nudity at the resort

The sun kisses and the wraps our bodies. The freedom of clothless swimming and fun in the outdoors. The minor sunburns we have are a reminder of our fun. Our outing was great and lovely. We are definately out of shape and are sore this morning. The volleyball was the best, not winning a game on the team i was on. Out of practice we are, and as things in money dept get better we will frequent the place more like we did in the past. We had loads of fun and saw some old aquantences and met some new people.
If you never done it, well, you should. You really should. If you are in the area and would like to go let us, me, know.

Have fun every one!!!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. porncahontas says:

    What resort is this? I gotta pay a visit!


    1. abezure says:

      Its in Texas called armadillo


      1. porncahontas says:

        Thank you! Will check it out if I fly to US again.


    2. abezure says:

      We have several in Texas. And a few just an hour or two from our house.


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