4 July Journal (independence day)

Happy forth to those in the United States. And good morning its friday. Independence day, has meaning to some of good memories, to others it drudges up hatered. Anyway we have been allowed to live our lives how we want with out intervention of government. We can be who and what we want for the most part. There are somethings that need more openess but we are technically free. The history here is rich and tradgic, good and bad, free and oppressive. I could go into some things that need addressing but i wont. All i can say is to read history in an open mind and read ALL account of the same issues and make your own decisions. As i have said in some other posts, we are all blinded by what is reported. Onesidedness in what we were told through our history books is not always correct. So enough on this, find it out what you wish and make your own mind.

We are going to nudist resort tomorrow, my folks today. Not what was orginally planned but will work better. Mistress needs to sleep. And we can get a full day of fun and sun in tomorrow. Volleyball will be nice. But we seem to keep having arguments about transportation to the resort. She just doesnt want to spend money.
Today i plan to spend the watching Hop-a-long Cassidy. Its an all day Cassidy marathon . When i finish my coffee i gotta go the safety stick on one of the bikes. Our puppy sickness seems to be passing, she has been up playing today and more like herself again. We come to the conclusion that the food and the ride on sunday to the lake made her sick. Association of car sickness and food kept her from eating. I think it has mostly passed, and she will be fine. She has been playing with our other pup like normal this morning.
I may just go ride Mistress bike and burn some fuel. It hasnt been ridden in a month and needs to get ran more than just an inspection trip around the corner. Off i go.
There wasnt a place open that could do an inspection. Should have known. The ones that were either the inspector was ofv or out of stickers. Oh well, such is life. And in weather news, we are midsummer, and have yet seen 100 degrees. The last few years we have seen 100 several times before june. By mid june it had been 100 almost daily. A couple years ago it was 110 at ten in the morning. So far this year we have had rain, freak hail storms and cool fronts comjng normal. Our drought issue is being helped but not over. And best part, it hasnt been 100 degrees yet. We may see it but it hasnt happened yet.
Well its gettin on time to head to my parents house. Luckily not to fix something, so i best sign off now. Have a wonderful kinky fourth of july, and after the fireworks, make your own on your or your subs rear. 🙂

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