2 July Journal

It’s Wednesday, as a middle day so to speak, I am tired today.

I am having piercing issues again and not with the major pain one either. The scrotum piercing has been moving. I believe that it will migrate out in a day or two. There isn’t much left of skin holding it anymore. This has been in the last few days. I don’t think it was placed as drop as out should have been. The penile piercing arms to be healing quite nicely.
Traveling around again today. Getting stuff done. Some day I can stay in my own place and get my stuff done. It does give me a break from the mundane of loneliness in my own area.
It seems one of our pups has gotten sick. We aren’t sure what our is yet and we aren’t sure how much money it will take to get her well. I hope we don’t lose another animal after this amount of time with one from a small puppy. So for now I am signing off. More to come later.

kinks & loves from abezure

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