1 July Journal

Its actually 830 pm monday. Some balance of our life has been restored. The boarders have moved their stuff out. Hoorah! I dont think mistress is extremely happy about it. But in a day or two the harmony and peace of the house will return. Which is good. A petition to Mistress will come to her tomorrow to reinstate our nightly sessions again. Which we both desperately need. She may not know it but she needs to dominate as much as i need to submit. So for tonight good night all, have kinky dreams. 🙂
Tuesday morning, Miss was home from work already when I got up. I am restless at five in the morning. I sleep good for a change. At least until five. On my way out I said I need to be spanked, and that we really need to have our dynamic back. Daily sessions with the paddle, cane, flogger are in order. She seemed to agree. I sure hope so.
I got an email from my boss about some stuff to look at before I go to Memphis. So I have to go over to one of our other local locations to check some things. He is going to have to get the lone ranger some help from Tonto. I can’t get my stuff done if I am traveling looking at stuff no one knows how to fix. Sometimes being needed sucks.
In today’s travels I found out that I am supposed to get off early on Thursday and be off on Friday. Three and one half days off. What will I do with myself? Sunbath, sex, sex in the sun, I don’t know. Gotta get out of town that’s for sure. To bad my boss won’t send me emails to let me know what we are too be doing.
Maybe I will make a good flogger worth my time. I got plenty of material to do so. As long as I am not in the sun to long I can just be naked in the sun. Weeeeee!!!!
So now its official, we are gonna get naked at the nudist resort. I cant wait. Its been to long since we have and we have decided its time we go at least once per month no matter what. Maybe even more. We need to have fun and water volleyball in nude is great and good excercise. I am so horny thinking of going again, wooo hooo! 🙂
Its late sort of and i just want to chiilll out after being in the heat all day. Not to mention a headache. I might post some more pics too.
Good night all the kinksters in kinky land.

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