10 July Journal.

Its Thursday, thumping Thursday, heavy flogging is on order. The thump of the impact is soothing and relaxing. Orgasm will be inevitable. Such wondrous fun. For what it’s worth and not much, I looked at my stats. I found that I had 200 plus views one day. Since then it has been dribbling down. Not…

Caged man

I like this caging idea. It needs wheels so I can be dragged around easily to orally service any dominant that is in need of such. kinks & loves from abezure

And now, a word from happy Cock

On hands and knees bound. Along like a puppy, searching and accepting Cock, strap on, and anything else to please a dominate or several as needed. Isn’t fun to be slave, owned and humiliated kinks & loves from abezure

9 July Journal

So it’s Wednesday, I feel puny. It’s my own fault to. I ate too much last night. So it will pass eventually. I know better than that especially in the summer. Tomato sauce and me don’t get along. Usually if it’s eaten in excess. So what do you expect, right. So it’s whacking Wednesday. I…

Panty thief anyone?

Maybe it cuz they are looking at the wrong person. It may be their husbands lol

8 July Journal

No new word on what time I leave for Memphis, all we know is it’s the thirteenth. Bunch of last minute hey up and wait yahoos. Oh well. It’s Tuesday I am still worn out. I don’t think o am going to get ahead enough to make me not be behind when I get back….

Cartoon Cuties

They just turn me on in this picture. kinks & loves from abezure


An attempt at being fem. Tucking and hiding his junk. kinks & loves from abezure

Would you like to

Be able to read  minds? Would you enjoy it? My thoughts, maybe at first it would be cool. Knowing what others think about things. Unsuspectingly “hearing” the conversations in others heads with them selves. Yet when those thoughts of the other party comes your way and is something you didnt want to know or could…